Evergreen Grant Writing
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"Funding Your Vision"

Since 1999 Evergreen Grant Writing has located and obtained millions of dollars in new sources of funding for its clients.  



  • Evergreen Grant Writing has provided funding solutions for organizations since 1999.
  • We have obtained millions of dollars in funding for clients from government and private sources.



  • Grant and funding source location, customized for your organization and program.
  • Writing and submitting grant and business proposals.
  • Public Assistance Program registration and consulting for nonprofits seeking COVID-19 related reimbursement.
  • Federal, state and city registration to qualify for government grants  funding (SAM, NYS Grant Gateways, NYC HHS Accelerator)
  • Creating a grant submission plan and grant calendar for your organization to meet funding goals.
  • Providing  appraisal and tax services for  supporters that wish to donate valuables to your organization (jewelry, art, real estate).
  • Assistance in setting up a corporation or a non-profit organization.