Evergreen Grant Writing
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"Funding Your Vision"

Since 1999 Evergreen Grant Writing has located and obtained millions of dollars in new sources of funding for its clients.  


Success For Our Clients

Evergreen Grant Writing has been successful in locating and writing funded grants and proposals for our clients in many different areas.

Recent Accomplishments include:

Homeland Security Non-Profit Security Grants  Over $10,000,000 for 120 clients

NYC Hate Crimes Prevention Grants Over $5,000 for 60 clients

NYC Deparment of Education UPK Grants $6,500,000

NYS FEMA Sandy Recovery Grants  $3,900,000

NYS Education Department AP Online Grant ($259,000)

NYC Early Learn Grant  ($750,000)

NYC DOH AIDS Funding- Multiple Grants ($3,500,000)  

NYS Foreclosure Counseling Grant for Not for Profits ($700,000)

NYS Foreclosure Counseling Grant for Not for Profit ($616,000)

NYS Foreclosure Counseling Grant for Not for Profit ($157,000)

NYS Dept. of Health Mental Health Nursing Home Grant ($99,000)

FEMA- Grant for Fire Prevention Education Program  ($83,000)

NYS Community Service Block Grant for Queens Women's Service Program ($50,000)

U.S. Department of Education Grant- Mentoring Grant-NYC Charter Schools ($400,000)

OMRDD County Mental Health Grants – Upper Manhattan Autism program ($550,000)

Private Foundation Grant for Israeli-American Non-Profit in New York City ($400,000)

Covenant Foundation for Brooklyn Synagogue Program ($150,000)

Far Fund Grant for NYC Autism Transition Services Provider  ($120,000)

Private grant from Lowenstein Foundation for NYC Charter Schools ($250,000)

Federal grant for a Mentoring Program from the U.S. Department of Justice ($220,000)

UJA Grant for Synagogue Cultural Program ($110,000)

UJA Grant for Synagogue Programming ($150,000)

NY State Department of Mental Health Grant for a Nursing Home Program ($99,000)

Private Foundation Grant to Start a  Nassau Private Middle School for Disabled ($75,000)

New York State Department of State - Community Service Block Grant ($30,000)

Ronald McDonald House Grant for Special Needs Fire Prevention program  ($20,000)

Jewish Women's Foundation- Israeli-American Non-Profit  ($30,000)