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NYS Grant Gateways Registration Support

We have helped many non-profit clients register on  the New York State Grant Gateways online platform.  This is a must for New York non-profits because most of the grants given by the state to non-profits require this registration.

For a small fee we will take of the registration for you, gathering the information and documents needed to become "Prequalified".

The process of Grant Gateways Registration is a bit tricky and has the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain a username and password for your Grant Gateways account. In order to receive the username and password you need to first snail mail  three required documents (Grant Gateways Registration Form, Substitute W-9 Form, Organizational Chart of your organization) to the Department of State.

Step 2: Once  the username and password are emailed to you by NYS Grant Gateways, you will need to login to the NYS Grant Gateways site and fill out the organization's basic information on the "Organizations" page.  Once this is done you will be able to enter your Document Vault page.  Here is where the fun really begins!

Step 3: The Document Vault has a number of required questions (about 30) for you to answer on forms in four different folders titled  "Required Forms". These are found near the top of the Document Vault page.   These questions are mostly yes or no answers, but some  need to be answered yes or your registration will be rejected and sent back to you to revise your Grant Gateways answers.  There are also a few questions that require entering the names of organization members responsible for certain activities (such as signing checks)  and whether your organization has certain required policies in place.  Here too, your answers need to be the right ones.

Step 4: You now need to upload your organization's forms to the Document Vault. You will see the list of forms to upload in  the "Required Documents" folder of the Document Vault page.   Once you upload these forms and have answered the questions on the "Required Forms", you are ready to submit your Document Vault for approval by NYS Department of State.

Step 5:  You will now need to submit your Grant Gateways Document Vault electonically.  You will see a "Submit Document Vault" link on the Document Vault Page.  Once you have successfully submitted your Document Vault, the contact person for your organization will receive an email message stating that the Document Vault is being reviewed.  In a few days you will get a second email message congratulating you on being "Prequalified".  This is your goal.  You have done it!  Unfortunately, you may also get a different message asking you to make revisions to your Document Vault, which you will need to do and then resubmit it to try to get Prequalified on the second try.   The good news is you can try as many times as you like!

Once you are prequalified, you will be able to apply for all of the New York State grants that have this prequalified requirement. Not all, but most  New York State government grants do require it now.  You will need to periodically update certain organizational documents (990 tax return and organizational budget) to remain Prequalified.