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New York City Full-Day 3K and UPK Grant

Planned for January 2019

New York City Department of Education will be offering new  4 year old prekindergarten funding (PreK) and three  year old  (3K)  funding   in the 5 boroughs of New York City.  The  Request for Proposals (RFP) is planned for January of 2019.

This grant provides non-profit and for-profit providers with full-tuition funding for  3 year olds (3K) and 4 years old (Prek) programs.

Average funding is approximately $10,000 per student, but individual programs can negotiate higher per-student funding if justified by budget costs.

UPK and 3K programs must provide 31 hours and 40 minutes of class per week with 176 days of classes per school year.

Programs need to be registered on the NYC HHS Accelerator website to apply for this program and submit the application through this website.  Evergreen Grant Writing can help you register on NYC HHS Accelerator.

Please call or email Evergreen Grant Writing.  We have been successful with multiple grant proposals for this program. We can help you plan and write the proposal and assist you with required HHS NYC Accelerator registration.

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