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FEMA Covid-19 Public Assistance Program Available to Nonprofits

The PAP is FEMA’s largest program and each year provides billions of dollars to states, municipalities and non-profits impacted by national disasters.

For the first time, a health-related issue has been included under this disaster category and COVID-19 related costs will be funded through the PAP.  In March, President Trump declared the entire United States a disaster area due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The PAP funding is available to reimburse nonprofits for COVID-19 related expenses starting from January 20th and going forward, at least until September 20th.  There is a high probability that the period covered by this funding with be extended beyond the September 20th date for an additional 6 months.

Many types of nonprofits including emergency care facilities, inpatient long-term care facilities, outpatient facilities and rehabilitation facilities are covered by the PAP. Covered items include COVID-19 related staff additions or overtime, equipment and supplies.  These eligible items include:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the facilities related to Covid-19
  • Additional personnel hours or additional personnel positions related to Covid-19 care and services
  • Personal protection equipment related to Covid-19
  • Equipment, supplies and staffing costs related to Covid-19 care not covered by other funding sources, such as insurance.

There is no limit to the funding that can be requested, as long as the goods and services are eligible.

The process of applying for the PAP funds requires:

  • Online registration (State Emergency Management Office, Grants Portal)
  • Assuring organization's policies are in compliance with federal regulations 
  • Following of required protocols for procurement of goods and services (bid process, contract language)
  • Identification and justification of items/services to show how they directly related to COVID-19 costs and covered under the PAP program
  • Maintenance of required documentation for all purchases
  • Online submission of requests for reimbursement through the Grants Portal online system
  • Completion of periodic and closing paperwork

Evergreen Grant Writing is available to assist you with this process, from registration to final reimbursement and closing paperwork. 

Contact us at (516) 448-6069 or at rborah.evergreengrants@gmail.com

A new $1 million matching fund for social justice, “Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue”, was

announced at the Jewish Funders Network Conference by the Nathan Cummings Foundation.


The fund, a project of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Jewish Funders Network, the
Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Foundation, the Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation and other
foundation partners, will target organizations that identify as Jewish or work with the Jewish
community that support efforts to engage on important areas of social change.
The fund seeks to support the kind of Jewish social justice work that has helped define
generations of social change – from the Jewish legal community’s partnership with Thurgood
Marshall and the NAACP in the 1950s that helped end segregation, to the student-led movement
to free Soviet Jewry in the 1960s, to efforts by Jewish feminists in the 1970s to end restrictions
on opportunity based on gender, to recent efforts by members of the Jewish Social Justice
Roundtable to work for immigration reform.
To be eligible for the fund, organizations must be 501(c)(3) organizations operating in the United
States and self-articulate as a Jewish initiative and/or embody Jewish values including Jewish
organizations launching social justice initiatives, Jewish social justice groups conducting their
existing programs and secular groups engaging the Jewish community. Ideal projects would
engage people across lines of difference such as race and faith and seek to make lasting systemic
and cultural change. Applications will begin to be accepted in early Fall 2013.